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What is a funeral plan?

With funeral costs rising in excess of the annual rate of inflation, it is an unfortunate fact that, for many families, budgeting for a funeral by traditional means may no longer be sufficient to cover the cost.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a means by which you can freeze the cost of the funeral director’s fees and services at today's prices, meaning that no matter how long you live there will never be anything further for your family to pay towards them. 

In addition to saving your loved ones’ thousands of pounds, potentially, against the cost of a future funeral - a pre-paid funeral plan has the additional benefit of allowing you to dictate the format of the funeral, thus eliminating the uncertainty that can often cause bereaved families additional distress. Your family will not have to do anything apart from contact Safe Hands when the need requires and get the plan set in motion.

We work closely with Safe Hands Funeral Plans, one of the UK’s biggest, most recognised, and most affordable providers of pre-paid funeral plans. We have the exclusive ability to offer discounts on the plans in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. So don't delay and contact one of our professional consultants who will be able to advise you of the process. 

We have five plans ranging in various prices depending on the type of funeral you require. Please email us if you would like a brochure sent to you via email/post. Our telephone advisors can also go through any queries you may have.

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