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An independent Wills and Estate Planning service based in the South East which offers a free 60 minute no obligation consultation in the comfort of your own home. 


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Will Writing

Probably one of the most important documents you will ever make. Not only will it safeguard your family and the wealth you have worked so hard to achieve, but it will also make sure your estate goes to exactly who you want it to. 

Lasting Power of Attorney

You take insurance out for your car, so why not take insurance out for yourself should the worst happen? A  Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that gives someone you trust the power to take over your affairs when you are no longer able or willing. 

Protective Property Trust

Prevent disinheritance with a PPT. If your spouse remarries after you die, the new spouse could inherit all your assets and your children could be automatically disinherited. A PPT can also assist if you go into care. The local care authority will not take any assets into account that are put into a Trust and therefore these assets will not be depleted before you get help with your care costs. 


One of the biggest reasons younger people make a Will is to ensure their children are taken care of. One of the most important decisions you should make is who should look after your children should the worst happen. If you don't, the Court will make this decision for you and they may not neccessairly choose the people that you would have chosen.

Funeral Plans

A funeral plan is the best way to avoid rising funeral costs. It will also take this responsibility off of your loved ones to find the money for your funeral and ensure your preferred arrangements are in place. 

You can spread the cost and pay in a way which is convenient to you. 

Court of Protection Applications

If someone no longer has mental capacity then they are no longer able to make a Lasting Power of Attorney. They must apply to the Court of Protection to appoint a Deputy instead. We can assist in the application of a Deputy for your family member thus making a lengthy process go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. 

Asset Trusts

Unlike a PPT which only comes into existence on death, an Asset Trust (sometimes called a Living Trust) protects your home and/or your savings and essentially 'ring fences' your assets against potential depletion. This could be anything from challenges to your Will, vulnerable beneficiaries, and in some instances protection against care fees. Just like a safety deposit box, assets can be added and removed from the Trust during your lifetime. An Asset Trust will protect your children and grandchildren from losing their inheritance and your lifetime's hard work. 

Probate & Estate Administration

You can ask Estate Legal Solutions to act as a Professional Executor in your Will and in doing so we can either assist a lay Executor or we can act independently. We will obtain the Grant of Probate and deal with all the Legal, Tax, Property and Estate Administration affairs. 

Alternatively, if you are an Executor and you need assistance with Probate we can assist you. If you decide that you would like to hand over the Probate process to us to manage on your behalf, we will arrange for one of our Probate Consultants to call you and provide you with a fixed fee Probate quotation based on the complexity and value of the Estate.


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We are based in Crowborough and cover the following areas: 

Kent, Sussex and Surrey

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